My friends all lined up on the roof, just minutes before Seattle’s annual firework show.

“He [Kurt Cobain] talked about how ugly he thought he was all of the time. I remember one day he looked in a mirror and almost shed a few tears because he was so uncomfortable in his own skin. He was really insecure. This photo was one of the only ones he’s ever liked of himself. He told me he liked it because he thought he looked good. Kurt rarely looked at a photo of himself and felt he was attractive. He kept that photo in his wallet for awhile, I think. He was proud of it.” 
— Krist Novoselic, on the photo above, which came from Krist’s personal collection

View of Rome and St. Peter’s dome from the top of the Spanish Steps.
(Seriously, go to the steps EARLY. Like, before the sun comes up. There will be no one there.)
Piazza di Spagna, Rome

Anisocoria: inequality in the size of the pupils of the eyes.

The Nineties seem to be a very popular trend right now and I have to mention couple of all couples, Johnny Depp & Kate Moss.
Johnny and Kate began their relationship back in 1994. Four years, and a very brief two month engagement, later, they split in 1998. 
It’s kind of messed up that they both have come so far since they first got together, and yet there is still something that makes me feel nostalgic for them together. 

the simple way to explain it (s.h.)